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About Us

The Healthcare Training Company – The How To training company.

Established in 1996 by George Flaherty and Louisa Paola who realised that training in the care sector was not very good.  It was all theory based but little practical training took place.  George and Louisa understood that for people to implement what they learnt, training needed to be how to, practical sessions.

From this idea The Healthcare Training Company was born.  We are known for training which is informative, fun and makes a difference to your staff and in turn makes a difference to your service users.  We are not about lowest price wins, we are about making your organisation the best it can be through the people that represent you.  This is why when we have a client we have them for years, looking after them, making sure they are happy and most importantly working together to make their organisation a success.

We believe in you, your home, your residents, your staff, your service users.  We are here to help you make your home, your company the best it can be for residents, service users and staff.

So get in touch and together we can start our journey.